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Natural Resource and Protected Area Governance

Reports and Papers

NRM Governance in Australia: NRM Programs and Governance Structures

Sustainable Development and Good Governance: The 'Big Ideas' Influencing Australian NRM

Strengths and Challenges of Regional NRM Governance : Interviews with Key Players and Insights from the Literature

Status and Good Practice in Australian NRM Governance

Pathways to Good Practice in Regional NRM Governance: Project Summary and Achievements

Governance Standard and Assessment Framework for Australian Natural Resource Management

Lockwood, M., Davidson, J., Curtis, A., Stratford, E., Griffith, R. (2008) Governance principles for natural resource management. Society and Natural Resources (in press).

Michael Lockwood, Julie Davidson, Allan Curtis, Elaine Stratford, Rod Griffith Multi-level Environmental Governance: lessons from Australian natural resource management

Griffith, R., Davidson, J. and Lockwood, M. (2009) NRM Governance for change: Revisiting ‘good' governance through an adaptive lens , Report to Land and Water Australia, University of Tasmania, Hobart.

Lockwood (2009) Governance assessment of terrestrial protected areas: a framework and three case studies.